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Welcome to
the Supplierverse

It is important to understand the full view of your suppliers. But rarely does that ever happen.

Building a true understanding of your suppliers requires input from sources across the enterprise, is hard to track down, and moves out of date quickly. SupplyHive™ is the intelligent supplier community experience. With an easy interface, knowledge about supplier performance digitally aligns and realigns, painting a new picture every time another point of intelligence is deposited about a partner within your community.

Now your ability to know and share what’s really going on with each and every supplier is at your fingertips with a click, swipe and a tap.


It’s that powerful. Check out a sample Hive Report™.




Mike Anguiano, serial entrepreneur, identified there was an opportunity to increase the value of an enterprise’s supply chain through collective awareness of performance, results and relationships. Working with a few key influencers across procurement, investors, leadership and well known suppliers, SupplyHive was developed.

By enabling easy input of reviews, and employing artifiical intelligence, the entire SupplyHive now elevates, every time a review or rating is posted - or accessed. Gone are the days of lots of tallies and score cards. Now, with a click, swipe and tap, the ability to elevate your next intiative, and your suppliers performance is available on any smart enabled device.

taking the hive road



Crowdsourcing, data, feedback, collecting opinions, the gathering of the Hive’s inputs. It’s the least sexy part of our hive, but it's the baseline of how the hive mind gets formed, so we made it as smart and efficient as possible. Grab a cup of coffee and answer a few questions. It’s good Hive Karma.


ALL THINGS DATA related to your suppliers and your organization found here. Rated. Summarized. Scored. Digging was never so digital. Work all that data that others harvested. Presented all back in this snazzy Hive Report that creates a whole lot of buzz.


More fluid and fun than Morningstar and Yelp, but just as effective. Scan through ratings and scores of suppliers you use, rated by your peers, before you make commitments. And while you’re at it, add in your point-oh-two as well. The Hive likey all inputs. It elevates the collective mind. Data point by data point.

how hive-minding works



Curious about the Hive? Thinking you want to maybe...try it out or see it in action? We have a few ways to help you get comfortable with the Hive. Choose from onsite demos that can accomodate up to 40 people to smaller, intentionally designed meetings. You can also get a test account to give the Hive a whirl.



Ratings are what people input. Scores are how we summarize a lot of people's inputs.


Your suppliers. Your ratings. Your team. Your hive. You call it “MY HIVE


Stay tuned.


A summarized version of any or multiple suppliers with concrete data across multiple peers scoring actively every day. Easy to absorb, present and share.

We get reviewed all the time too. So we thought we’d share.

“Well-designed, easy to use, fast.”
Fortune 500 Sr. Asset Management Specialist
“Really easy to use, great way to review suppliers.”
Sr. Director, IT Execution
“As easy as Yelp, our team loves it.”
VP, Marketing Procurement


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